5 Easy Ways to Develop an Eco-Friendly Mindset

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There's a very old phrase: think globally, act locally. Many people feel overwhelmed and understandable anxious by all the facts and statistics surrounding our environment and how many years we all have to save our planet but with countries all around the world taking action to ban single-use plastics you may be wondering, “what can I actually do to develop more eco-friendly mindset in my own lifestyle” 

Here are 5 things you can start to help your daily life become more eco-friendly. 

Grow your own veggies 

One of the best things to come out of the pandemic was many people rediscovered or developed a love for gardening. A large majority discovered the joys of gardening through cultivating their own veggie patch.

Whether you start small and grow some herbs and maybe some tomatoes or you have the space and commitment to create a larger veggie patch and grow some veggies and nurture some fruit trees.

Dedicating time and effort to growing your own produce is not only great for developing a healthy eco-friendly mindset but also a way to make an active commitment to incorporating more sustainable living into your lifestyle and actively fighting climate change on a local and more personal level.

If your biggest obstacle preventing you from starting your own veggie patch is space due to living in an apartment or townhouse with no garden then googling your local community gardens may be the answer, these are designed to connect people in your area by being able to use a designated plot of the garden to grow your own veggies, the added benefits are you get to meet, socialize and make new friends with other like-minded people in your area.

Reduce your energy consumption

Energy use is essential to our daily lives, committing to using energy in a more conscious way allows you to develop an eco-friendly mindset at home without needing to overthink it. 

Make a commitment to replacing all your light bulbs with energy-saving versions, this not only saves you on electricity fees but makes a commitment to reducing the energy used to light your home. 

While we are speaking of power consumption, standby power also known as vampire power can cause your appliances to still use energy even when they are not in use. By unplugging your appliances such as your TV , kettle , music system, microwaves, computers etc. Not only does this nifty trick reduce the amount of energy your home is consuming by using vampire power it also allows you to reduce your electricity bills by up to 10% a year . T

hat's a saving that can save you a decent amount of cash at the end of the year that you can use to treat yourself.

By simply lowering your thermostat for both heating and cooling by a few degrees you will reduce your energy consumption drastically over the year.

It pays to investigate if your electricity company or even your government may give you an incentive for investing in solar power or more energy efficient heating and cooling systems . Therefore when the time comes to replace any of these you can commit to more energy efficient, climate friendly, easy to heat and cool your house.

Invest in reusable bags and containers 

With more countries committing to banning single-use plastics, investing in reusable bags that you can pop in your handbag or even the boot of your car is essential.

This makes it easier to forgo the plastic when you need to pop into the shops to grab some extra bits for dinner or you decide to quickly grab some lunch to make en route to the office .

Reusable containers for food and drinks are ideal for stashing veggies, smoothies or packing a healthier lunch to take to the office. They can also be used for weekly meal prep so you can access quick easy healthy meals throughout the week.

By adding these few items to your daily life you will start to see your consumption of plastics reduced or even eliminated completely. 

Leave you car at home

Most cities have decent public transport available that is considerably cheaper than using your car every day. Taking public transport is not only a sustainable way to fight climate change and reduce your eco footprint but with current gas prices surging it's an easy way to save some cash as well . Currently in the USA alone , transportation makes up for 29% of all greenhouse gasses.

Instead of driving to work, drive to a train station or take a bus. Instead of driving 5 mins to the shops , try walking this can give you the added benefit of incorporating exercise into your day.

Many supermarkets and fresh organic produce places deliver so check that out and you are not only reducing your transport eco footprint but you are saving some extra time by not having to go shopping and accidentally buying extra things. 

If you are a diehard car fan and look into carpooling with your work mates or neighbours, This will allow you to share the costs and also reduce the carbon footprint by replacing 4 cars on the road with just one.

Buy sustainable clothing 

With the clothing industry showing the world how truly unsustainable the fast fashion industry is, there is no better time to commit to reducing your spending in this area. 

Set yourself a clothing budget, you may even choose to use the money you have saved from our previous tips to put towards this budget. Then commit to investing in sustainable quality fashion pieces.

Not only do these last longer than the fast fashion pieces you buy and wear only a few times before you toss them out and they end up in landfill. As an added bonus, you will have upgraded your look. 

This allows you to develop an eco friendly mindset by becoming more stylish and sustainable which is sure to earn you some compliments.

If you have no idea what brands are sustainable simply click here to find 43 of the best sustainable fashion brands.