A life I want

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It takes courage to keep dreaming of the future, especially when things aren’t really working out day-to-day. Sometimes my habit of daydreaming becomes escapism. That’s why I was relieved to hear a friend remind me yesterday that it’s okay to dream, that thinking about the future isn’t a bad thing in itself – it’s just something that can be brought into healthy balance with being in the present.

I can imagine myself in a community of healers – a place where people can come to find refuge from the stresses and sorrows of life. I can see myself in a living space with a wide area to move around in, with windows and a moderate amount of sunlight. There would be a natural, ‘woody’ feel to the place. In the front would be a beautiful garden, with streams running through it. The house would be in a wooded area, beside a river with waterfalls. Birds would be regular visitors to the area. Sometimes, I’d climb up a nearby hill and pray.

I love to imagine beautiful things and sceneries, especially when I’m listening to music. Perhaps my life’s work would be to help people imagine what their happy place could look like. A rainbow lotus – with diamonds refracting the light within – comes to mind. A shower of lights, bringing blessings and healing to everyone who needs it. I can picture myself as an onstage musician, DJ-ing electronic dance music, with a background of glowing fish in water, stars in the sea, and an ocean of galaxies. Gentle jellyfish, glowing and floating towards the sunlight…sea anemone pulsing to the beat. Little sea creatures rising to the surface, along with a jellyfish butterfly, who spreads its wings to soar into the sky.

I’d be dancing alongside the keyboard, as a colourful energy pulses through the crowd. I’d be a magician of sound and colour, taking people to a paradise of vision, to the spirits and gods that guide our existence – characters of power; eagles and lions. The paint on the canvas would be flowing, branching out, connecting with other streams of paint in a neural web. The rivers of paint would grow into a landscape of hills and mountains; backed by a blood-red sunset and fading into a gentle lavender, then indigo, then navy twilight.

Every now and then, I would go with my spiritual sisters to a campsite, sitting in a circle, moving back and forth like trees in a wind. There would be fireflies lighting up the background…a swirl of flower petals, a blizzard of them, blown off the trees. In the autumn, the petals would become red, gold and orange leaves…our robes would turn into those of Korean warrior princesses, calling the spirits above to aid us in the battle of winter. & in the winter, we would be snow fairies, bringing warmth to peoples’ campfires.

I’d ride a paraglider to see the vast natural beauty of the world, watching the little cars on the highways below. I’d stretch my arms out as I stand out of a moonroof, wind blowing my hair back, air crisp and fresh, with a joy of openness and freedom.

My home would be a warm and lively place, where my favourite people gather together and bring recipes from around the world…recipes that feel good, using vegetables from the garden; with crunchy sprouts and berries. Acai bowls, buddah bowls, poke bowls, fig & date shakes, yogurt bowls and large salad bowls – all these recipes would leave us feeling energized. We’d eat outside with our feet on the earth, watching the birds on the trees, and in the laughter of children, who dress up as pirates and little octopuses. I’d guide the children to carve pumpkins for October, and make stuffed pinatas…paint flowers onto coconut shells, and sell them to charity. We’d spend our time away from devices, and more with each other, making arts and crafts. We’d minimize the things we need to buy; we’d be part of the zero waste movement. We’d trade in old clothes for new ones at thrift stores. As much as possible, I’d like the house to be made of natural material, to connect us with the earth; some kind of beach wood or those relaxing salt stones comes to mind. & of course, it would be super cool to light up the salt stones at night. We’d wash our clothes in the nearby rivers, using eco cleaning products that wouldn’t harm the flora and fauna within. Being eco friendly, sustainable, and environmentally conscious – those things would come as a natural by-product of choosing a lifestyle that feels rejuvenating, drawing as much as we can from Mother Nature.

All in all, this life I’m looking for, is one of freshness, energy and joy. I feel the power of being independent and interdependent on my community; that my existence is a benefit and a joy to others, that it adds more to the earth than it takes away. & at the end of this life, I can pass away in peace. Until then, I can go back to that happy place, and – even if it doesn’t manifest exactly as I intended, the feelings I’m looking for would be the same.