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Gift a Thoughtful Gift to Your Loved Ones This Holidays!

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The holidays are just a few days away

However, Holidays is not really a 'jolly'  time when it comes to the environment, as it is a very wasteful celebration indeed.   We often tend to overwhelm ourselves with over-consumption, shopping mindlessly for things we might not actually need or buying expensive presents just for the sake of doing so. More often than ever, this leads to most people emerging out broke and hassled, once the good times and celebrations are over.  

The answer lies in going 'green' !

Let's bring a small change in our celebration, firstly, start with eco-friendly presents—which is also a great way to set an example towards a greener future.

After all, we need to regain the spirit of Holidays - being joyful, being caring and being charitable.

And what better way to put it through rather than by giving a thoughtful, mindfully crafted presents which are all about giving back to our earth and environment

The best part about these eco-friendly gifts is that, your friends and family will appreciate you for introducing them to these unique gifts.

Think 'green' Buy Smart
Look for gifts that are manufactured in your area. Go local!

Many goods in today's marketplace are shipped from halfway around the world, and transportation has a huge impact on greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Local craft fairs and artisan stores are great places to get unique presents without the added  expense of shipping. And because the craftsman and the origin of the gift are recognized,  gifts manufactured locally often come with a story.

Some other significant advantage of having a sustainable Holiday is how you might feel. You know, when you get that sense of satisfaction in your tummy after doing something truly excellent. We all know how wonderful it feels to give someone a present they adore, but it doesn't always imply that purchasing that gift is environmentally friendly.

When you take the steps to have a sustainable Holiday this year, pay attention to how it makes you feel. We guarantee it will make you feel much better than a drink of sherry or brandy ever could.

Let's honor the environment and the ways you're contributing to a green Holidays!