The Importance Of Community Growth And Sustainability

5 minute read

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My name is Judy, I am from Vietnam and I am one of the suppliers for Turning The Tides. I would like to share my experience working with Michael, who is the founder of Turning The Tides.

I am grateful to be able to work with Michael because we share two similar values. The first value that we share is environmental protection. Turning The Tides pays attention to the environment as evidenced by the focus of selling eco-friendly, reusable and re-manufactured products. The second value that we share is having good relationships and building trust between the buyer and the seller.

Vietnam is a developing country with abundant agricultural raw materials. Vietnam is good at producing agricultural products and handicrafts. The coconut handicrafts such as coconut bowls, forks and spoons are collected and sold by the farmers to handicraft manufacturers.

These handicrafts are made by hand with the use natural materials such as coconut oil to make them look more aesthetically pleasing.

Although coconut items have only been emerging recently, they are very popular and loved by customers. This is a good thing for us to be able to have good quality products that compete with other countries.

Turning The Tides has brought benefits for me and especially the local people in the Mekong Delta, which  is an area that is rich in rice and fruit tree production; however due to natural influences, we experience a loss of crops. Thanks to companies like Turning The Tides, people in Mekong Delta have more income to cover their lives.

Working with Turning The Tides also helps us be more efficient with our agricultural waste, by turning it into environmentally friendly, reusable and beautiful products. Overall, it is a win-win partnership. We repurpose our agricultural waste into products that help create income for our community and Turning The Tides helps reduce plastic waste developed countries.